What the hell is up with me?

So for some reason, Every month or two I become obsessed with posting a lot on my website. I get more traffic, people pay attention and it grows in numbers.

And then life takes over and I forget to keep posting. And then weeks go by without a post. Then suddenly, I’m like, “damn, I haven’t posted anything in weeks”.

Anyway, that’s where I’m at now.

I’ve spent the last few weeks recording a shitload of music. I mean, TONS. Pretty much a song a day.

It’s awesome. I love this feeling. I feel on top of my creative powers. Recording is also a lot of fun. Writing is a lot of fun. When it starts to flow, it flows like honey and I cannot stop it. Nor would I want to.

Anyway, here is a new song I put together yesterday… just so you have a taste of what I’m doing. It’s called “I Love Children”.

For some effed up reason the embedded code won’t work. Therefore, I’ll just paste the link to the song.




Last Day In Finland

It’s my last day in Finland. Tomorrow at 6:30am I’ll be on a plane soaring over the forgotten clouds, heading to B-town.

This trip has been truly amazing. Played 4 shows with great audiences, met, hung out with and opened for Beats and Styles and IMPPU, went on a day trip to Tampere where we watched ducks and made jokes:


wrote two new songs, recorded a new song with IMPPU about driving through the city at night, hung out at a school with tons of tiny Finnish kids:


Went to a flea market and bought new sexy clothes and many pairs of multi-coloured underwear, talked for 4 hours with a fascinating theater-girl/ singer about everything from Taoism to the joy of cults to fun facts about Moomin and much more.


This trip was good for my soul. It was good to connect with my Finnish friends, make new ones and feel that burst of creative energy explode in my veins.

In general, there is something private about Finns in the sense that they don’t expose everything going on in the interior. They don’t necessarily talk to strangers (in fact, that often gives them panic attacks. I’m sure you’ve seen the picture of Finns waiting for the bus – 2 meters between each person waiting), but when you really get to know a Finn, there is so much going on beneath the surface. Every time I come here I end up having some pretty great conversations and a lot of laughs.

Needless to say, it was a lot of fun and I have a feeling I’ll be back soon.

Much love to all of my Finnish fans and for those of you who came out to the shows, partied, danced and celebrated life: Kiitos.

Now I’m off to make more music with IMPPU.

Love Stephen

Everything I Love Dies

Seeing as I’m in Finland, I thought it’d be cool to post a video that is more in line with the Finnish mentality: dark, brooding and pensive.

This is not my usual sound. This is more post-Folk/ Dreampop.

It’s a song I wrote and recorded six years ago. I was still in Trike at the time, but this is a solo song, pre-SPT. Hope you enjoy it.



My Finnish Friends Are OBSESSED With Moomins!

Have you guys heard of Moomin? A famous, fairytale family of Finnish trolls who hang out in Moomin valley.

I’ve seen so many Moomin images over the last few years, as I’ve gotten to know many Finns. On this tour, I’ve been staying with my friends IMPPU and Mirva and I was amazed to see how many Moomin cups and bowls they own. Take a look at their cups:



Bear in mind, each cup costs between 18 and 30 euros. Collecting these cups is more than just a hobby. It’s a passion. They told me about friends who have vast collections of cups, bowls, spoons etc. Who knows? Maybe they’re considered collectibles. Much like my friend’s transformer collection. He’s been collecting transformers for years and now he’s selling them at exorbitant prices (enough to live, eat and pay rent – and he lives in super-expensive Vancouver!)

Few facts I found about Moomin:

  • The first Moomin to publicly appear was on the cover of an anti-Hitler magazine
  • Tove Jansson, the artist, drew her first Moomin on the wall of her parent’s summer cottage during a childhood argument about philosophy (it seems that pretty much every Finn I’ve met has a family summer cottage. And every Finn loves to talk about philosophy, especially the nihilistic variety)
  • Moomin was originally published in Swedish (Jansson spoke Swedish fluently)
  • In the beginning, Moomin was called Snork (hahaha) and was thin and very depressed-looking
  • There’s a theme park called Moomin World in Naantali, Finland (damn, I should check it out!)
  • There’s a Japanese-Dutch feature film of the Moomins, a Polish-Austrian puppet-animation version, two Soviet versions… Moomin’s are freakin famous, yo
  • The Swedish and Finnish recordings of Moomin Voices, and their respective musical scores, have been used as course material at Berklee College of Music
  • There is a band called “Moomin Voices Live Band”. They perform Moomin songs and stories onstage.
  • The first image of Moomintroll was of his butt, in the very first cartoon strip
  • There’ve been several theatrical interpretations of Moomin. The earliest was in 1949.

Anyway, there’s tons more Moomin material online. Take a gander.


In non-Moomin news – My four-city Finland Tour is now over. I’m staying in Lahti to record new music with the ever-creative Imppu. Yesterday we went to his family’s cottage, played Monopoli (Finnish spelling) with Mirva’s kids, went to sauna and ate fish. Hopefully I’ll have some new music emerging after this trip.

Thanks for all the love and support, you beautiful people. Yesterday’s blog did exceptionally well… nothing like writing about Police brutality to get some views (I kid. They weren’t brutal. They just took FOREVER… yawn)

OH and I wanted to share this with you. An artist named Danielle Johanson drew me playing in Boxhagenerplatz Park a few weeks ago.

I love fan art. If you ever have any, please share it with me and I’ll post it