Yup. I’ve been working on this all year. Not constantly, but in spurts. Right now I’m in my home studio recording vocals (which will likely be replaced by studio vocals… when I go into Abby Road to finish things up … (HAHAHAHAHA).

No but seriously… I have something up my sleeve that will be presented to the universe mighty soon. I don’t want to say too much about the album before the HARD CORE PROMOTION begins…

But I will share with you some photos. Check out these, lovelies.


Teaching Finns About Feelings

13392138_1019881948102664_2436803940193671213_oA few months ago I went to Helsinki to be part of a “Tram Buskers Tour”/ Performance Art project. Today I was sent a page of feedback from Finnish people who saw my show.

Here’s what they said:

”I wasn’t intending to get on this tram, but I did.”
”Party on! Maybe this will teach Finns to speak to each other more about their feelings.”
”I was so cold at the tram stop but then there was this (a performing musician)!”
”It’s nice now when I have got used to listening to music through my headphones, now they aren’t needed and listening to music becomes a shared experience.”
”Damn good! Should I skip work?”
”I’m going to the dentist but I don’t want to go!”
”I wish there was some refreshments!”
Don’t let them leave for a whole year!”
”Helsinki is becoming a real cool city.”
”It’s nice now, but it would be terrible if it was all the time.”
”This perks you up, I nearly fell asleep at my meeting.”
”There should be padded sides (in the tram) so you can dance (without bumping into the tram as it moves).”
”Good we just arrived as the party started!”
”We are now in the middle of a work of art.”
”He is the best!”
”That was good luck, I should be somewhere else but I didn’t go because I ran into this.”
”This is a party!”
”This is such a great thing! It’s so nice when the sun shines and people are nodding off on the tram, and then this music comes along and wakes everyone up.”
”We’re already big fans!”
”Really great!”
”What loud applause there is (for Stephen). He’s in full swing!”
”What on Earth! It’s unreal, the atmosphere is amazing! This is something I’ve never experienced – more of the same, please!”
” It looks like he (the artist) is having fun.”
”All you can do is appreciate it.”
”I could do without this.”
”There’s nothing wrong with the person (the artist) but this just doesn’t fit in with Finnish culture.”

Photo by Jan David


My Favourite New Band

Robots With Rayguns.

So far as I can tell, this is a pretty young dude who’s been churning out amazing tracks for the last few years.

His twitter followers have been exploding recently. That’s why I thought – why not write a blog about him now while he’s still not huge (which is should be/ will be).

The music is SO WONDERFUL. It puts me in this amazing space. It’s very eighties. Some songs use samples from known Eighties pop songs – with the voices altered.

He’s just so fucking wonderful. So Eighties – in a perfect sugary way.

I can’t get enough.

The kid’s also got TONS of merch. It’s inspiring.

His Facebook

Tell him I sent you

Monthy Gifts For My Beloved Fans


So I decided, along with my umbrella-record label to release a single a month for you, my beloved fans.

The first week. Normally a Thursday. Taylor Tursdays (just pronounce the “thursday” replacing “th” with “t”).

You have been with me every step of the way and I feel I must bestow my goodness upon you. For without you, I am nothing. What am I without you but just a faint fart in the wind. A brief echo in a shadowy chamber.

So yeah. Here is the first song. A love song. For Donald.

If you wish to own it… to be the prized collector of musicial varieties… now… is… the… time

For I have it on Bandcamp: