Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox. Saw the “48 hours Mystery” episode about it. I was intrigued. I was tantallized by the “witch hunt” flavour of the whole thing. It was pretty surreal. The prosecuter looked like an absolute nutcase and Amanda was in prison essentially because of somebody else’s superstitions and superstitious nature. Wait, isn’t this 2011?

So here is Amanda Knox, free… free as a bird… in the wind…
(Believe me, I know the taste of freedom after spending six hours in a prison in Budapest, Hungary. Not fun… the walls of the cell were yellow. I kid you not)

Plus, Amanda’s cute…

5 thoughts on “Amanda Knox

  1. Never heard of hear. Some News about her in germany too, but I´m not intrested in reading it. I just don´t care. 😉 (So, that´s my first comment, because you wanted one 😉 ). Woooop!

      1. Right now thousend innocents are sitting in the jails of the world, or/and getting tortured, killed or are just “disappearing” because they criticized their govnerment. Now you made me read something about her. 😉 Seems like she will be very very rich soon. If she´s innocent then I´m glad that she´s free now. Peace and out.

      2. And how do you go from normal Uni student to international celebrity because of a crime you didn’t commit? She could do anything, really… she should try acting. She has a great face…

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