Schools Banning Hand-Raising in the Classrooms

Banning hand raising? BANNING? What are they supposed to do, send the teacher a text?

I can understand banning cigarette smoking, but this is just ridiculous. Apparently teachers in the UK are starting a “thumbs up” movement to replace hands in the air, which are so distracting and worrisome.

Read more here.

As for me, I’ll raise my hand whenever I please, fuck you very much.

What on earth could be wrong with a child putting up his/ her hand? Is this some kind of UK paranoia bullshit that we keep hearing about? Y’know, cameras for every third person, security everywhere… Are they afraid of the “shock” of a child thrusting their dangerous limb in the air? Seriously. People. Calm the fuck down. I mean, having the option of putting up your thumb for the shy kids… that could be alright but “banning” anything seems against the idea behind “education” in the first place.

I’m going outside to get some fresh air. Love y’all.

sianorra sweet babies
sleep tight

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