The 30 Dumbest Facebook Reactions to Steve Jobs’ Death

Dang, people are stupid… not everyone, perhaps, but take a look at this. The thing that gets me is, why don’t they simply open a new page, google it for two seconds and then NOT come across as having playdough in their heads?

* * *

Today a guy named Tim is coming over to interview us for his magazine or something. I’m excited… I guess… before then I’m heading to the Turkish bakery for a baklava, cake and two coffees… Two coffees a day. Reasonable, isn’t it? Not too much, not too little. God, I have issues with addiction.

* * *

Billy Joe Armstrong from Green Day wished death upon Steve Jobs a year ago during a concert. He shouted “I hope Steve Jobs dies of fucking CANCER!!!” and claimed that “Technology is EVIL etc etc…” However, Billy, you have a Twitter account? Nice hypocrisy, buddy. Not to mention that wishing death upon people is just… well… not very nice.

That is rather disgusting… pseudo-punk posers.

* * *

I also just added two paintings I did to my “Visual Art” page. One of them is a touch naughty. Take a look.

Have you ever wished death upon someone and then they died? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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