10 years ago we had Steve Jobs, Bob Hope and Johnny Cash – Now we have no Jobs, no Hope and no Cash.

I will talk more about this slogan but before let me tell you about the NIGHTMARE that is GERMAN CUSTOMS!!!

This has never happened to me before, but German customs, upon seeing my package from Leora (from Vancouver), decided to confiscate it. I have to go in and present them with receipts for all of my items.

Why??? Apparently it has something to do with insurance. Leora had also purchased some insurance for the items… apparently that’s the reason?

Either way, in case anyone is wondering why we haven’t made any skits or vlogs recently… this is the reason. I foolishly forgot my video camera, soundcard and microphone in Vancouver (why Stephen, why?). I also forgot my Supertramp book somewhere in BC (either at my mom’s house or Leora’s house… not sure). My absent-mindedness reached new lows with this forgetful stunt… and now I have to somehow prove to the customs people that this shiznit is mine all mine.

Problem is, the soundcard was a product that Yamaha gave to us (via our friend Claus, who also hooked us up with a mixer and PA speakers when we made our album “Trike and the Vikings” and has given me very cool keyboards) therefore I have no way of “proving” that it’s mine. None.

Ah, German beaurocracy. Monday morning we will head down there with our erstwhile roommate Hannes to demand (politely… Canadian-style) our stuff back. Then we can get back into the swing of things.

Until then, I’ll keep binging on episodes of 48 hours, busking, hanging out with groovy Berlin friends, eating baklavas and going for walks around Neuköln late at night… oh, and working on a new song about perverts perving each other.

Wish me luck.

Here’s a great little “Occupy Wall Street” protester, doing his thang… and another incredibly mature protester defecating on a cop car. Classy:

And here is something I keep seeing people post on Facebook. I like this slogan. Funny and true… Does anybody know who coined this phrase?

Ah where is good ol’ Johnny Cash when you need him? And why did John Ritter have to go to the great beyond too? He was my hero…

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