They freaked! We freaked! Everyone was freaky!

love you guys

I’m very happy about last night. I’m still basking in the afterglow as I sit on our green couch at 1045 a.m. after being awake all night.

We introduced our new member, Cloe (saxophone, accordian, keys and vocals) and they loved her. She’s kinda like a mini, slightly more-hyper version of Xania, but french and with beads in her hair.

We marched around the room playing trombone and accordian… through the crowd. I got to sing “Wish You Loved Me Again” with Chloe playing keyboard. It was so nice to get up close to the crowd and really sing my heart out. I loved it. Robert dressed as a giant pink bunny and blew massive bubbles. Xania played trombone for the first time in her life.

We introduced “BTW” (Trike and the Vikings) and “Parking Lot Love” (Friday Songs) to the audience. They freaked! We freaked! Everyone was freaky!

I just feel like we’re being reborn. I’ve been feeling in a rut for awhile (musically) – confused as to what to do and this concert clinched it. I want Trike to succeed… and now I’m finally beginning to feel like we are. I’m feeling like there is an energy in this city for us. I’m feeling the love. Returning home was amazing and I was on a euphoric high, but after being back over a month, planning for this concert and working with chloe, posting new videos and finding new inspiration in all of these activities…

I’m just realizing that this is happening. This is real. Who gives a fuck if we’re still D.I.Y. We’re growing and growth stimulates the neurotransmitters.

Thank you to everyone who came and joined us in our wackiness and sincerity last night. I love you guys.


ps. The solo album is still being planned… However, a new Trike album is in order too… your support is the BOMB!

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