No Use In Crying

What I love about collaborating with others is that it usually opens me up to new possibilities.  My good friend, Tatyana came over a few days ago.  She was in a scattered mood for various reasons but she said to me “Let’s start recording.  I gotta get out this energy”.  So, I put together a beat, took a sample of Respighi (I was playing a cassette of Respighi that I’d found in the street), looped it and asked Tatyana to sing over it.  She started singing into the mic.  As she was recording, I put glitter glue on my newly-made merch-box.  After recording for awhile, I asked her to blow dry the glitter glue while I recorded it.  You can hear the blow dryer samples throughout the song.

Basically, the song came together in a very random, experimental way.  Tatyana had to leave, but I stayed in all day working on the song and this is what I came up with.   I added some synth lines, sang harmonies, recorded some cajon beats

The lyrics were (spontaneously) written by Tatyana.  I had my roommate, Doctore Schon speak the lines that she sang.

Here is what we came up with.

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