July Shows! Yippee!!!

Alright bitch-ass-muthafuckas! I gots sum shows all up in yo’ grill, YO!

Unlike previous months where I’ve played approximately 1300 shows a month, this month I am doing only TWO. That’s right… TWO wee little shows.

The first one is on Thursday, July 11, 2013 at Helmut Kohl. All the info is on the following flyer. Read it and weep.

helmut kohl poster dork

That’s right, buddies! Acoustic guitar, banjo and sweet, sweet vocals to make you all cry with joy.


AND for those of you looking for another synthpop evening with my usual insanity and robotic dance moves, go to White Trash on July 23rd. Here is the poster for that one.

spt white trash poster

White Trash is quite a good venue with SPECTACULAR sound, so be sure to check it out!!!

Later skaters!

ps. If you haven’t liked my facebook fan page yet… well… one word: LAAAME!


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