Little Kids In Blackface Stuck in a Cage

I played at a very bizarre “camp” as part of the Gentse Feesten – a ten day festival in Belgium.

Little kids were dressed in blackface, put in cages and fed bananas by people dressed as colonialists. There was a voice on the loudspeaker all day barking out things to the public. They did the “bata bata” dance – rubbing their butts on people sitting in the audience… a giant (papier mache) woman sat above everyone in the soundbooth farting and belching. The whole thing needs to be seen to be believed…

It was a bizarre, performance-artsy kinda place. They pushed buttons. They have done so in years past as well. The people involved were all quite lovely and I had a real blast.

I did four performances there. Two during the day and two at night. The last show (on the last night) was my favourite. The place was packed (700 plus people). Minna danced with balloons in the cage behind me. She instructed the audience to pound their fists in the air during “Go!” It was a great success. I was also offered to play at a party on the 17th of this month in Gent.

That was me playing my cover of “Venus” by Shocking Blue. I will also be playing it tomorrow night at Communicasion. It will be filmed by a TV crew. I’m excited and nervous!

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