A Lazy Day


I sat around today. Didn’t work on music. Didn’t book any shows. Nothing.
Did I enjoy it? Every last second. 
Am I in an ambitious period of my life? Yes and no. I don’t have focus. I would like to have focus. I would like to be busy. However, I think I am choosing to be lazy. I tell myself all the time to do more. Produce more songs. Post more. Share more. Be consistent. Be prolific. I could. It’s true. However, I choose to indulge in youtube and eating too much chocolate spread.


That being said, I spent the bulk of my day watching rock documentaries. Jamie came over at six and we recorded our new song on the floor… just to post something. Videotaped it too…

I’m about to watch now…

Okay. Watched it. It was great.

Maybe I was lazy today but at least now I’ve recorded a song and written this blog. Yeah. That’s how I roll. Tomorrow I’ll rehearse music all day… all… day… long…

UPDATE – 3am

Okay so now it’s three am and I’ve learned something important. Jamie and I rehearsed and wrote new material for hours.

So actually, I worked quite a bit today. The first big bulk of time was lazy, but the rest of the day was dang productive!

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