yes, i procrastinate

made the posters and flyers
now, time to ROCK OUT BERLIN!

Had an intriguing day. Lent a friend a microphone. Had very heavy relationship discussions, read “so good they can’t ignore you” and finally made posters. I have to say, i love the quality of them. They are pretty shiny and sweet. Now i have to plaster them around Burrrlin.

So tomorrow I will get up early, grab the clear tape and attack Schoneburg. NO freakin clue where i’ll go. I barely know that area… but I imagine shops, restaurants and the like. Bars. Comic Shops.

I don’t know much about Schoneburg. I just know it’s super Gay and a bit gentrified but I barely spend time there. Jamie (from my other project) lives in that area and loves it to bits.

Anyway, it will be curious to see how people respond.

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