Call Me (Short Story)

He was reading the novel, “Blind Date”. He was in a shocking section of the book. His mouth almost fell open like a shelf falling from a chest of drawers. He turned his eyes to the right. His fellow passenger stared at the blue white shining phone in his lap. They avoided eye contact. Typical he thought.

Suddenly she appeared out of nowhere in her Inspector Gadget coat. She saw him and her eyes became big as saucers. “I’m sorry” he said. The words fell out of his mouth. She smirked her usual smirk, leaned in and kissed him.

“How did we end up on this bus together?” she asked. “I was just thinking about you”.

“My stop” he said. It came within minutes of the kiss, still wet on his lips.

“Call me” she said. He thought of the Blondie song as he stepped off the bus. That was the first Blondie song he’d ever heard. He could hear it in his head. Call me, call me anytime…

He turned and looked inside. “Everybody please take care of her” he said to the anonymous passengers.

She smiled and her bashful eyes looked down at her feet.

The bus doors closed as “Blind Date” fell to the ground. He picked it up. He’d lost his place.

He looked up. The bus was a half a block away, a yellow square getting smaller and smaller as it drove on into the black.


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