Definitely Dirty – new song feat. The Chopstick Drummer

2 thoughts on “Definitely Dirty – new song feat. The Chopstick Drummer

  1. Amazing!
    Stephen, can you write the lyrics of this song here?
    too hard to hear almost half of the text.

    And also I (and other people too, i think) wanna another lyrics from the album, coz with them sometimes happens the same shit.
    Only if it’s not too difficult for you.

    p.s. btw, album is great, I can’t stop listen it again and again – almost month on replay wow

    1. Yeah sure. I will post lyrics for all of my songs on my website soon.

      Guess you really fucked it up
      Nobody forgives you
      Guess you better own up
      I won’t stand in the cold cold rain
      Waiting for you to make it up to me again
      Cuz you never will never will
      And it’s a bitter spill bitter spill

      Trucks move faster than a helicopter blast
      It’s the kinda thing you see when you’re driving too fast
      Down the freeways
      And the fuckin freebies
      Got another daddy in the dirty
      In the dirty playpen
      Lookin adjacent
      At sunburned suntans
      Sunburned suntans

      I never said I liked you but i said that you were kinda complicated
      And kinda jaded
      And I won’t be fadin’
      I’m just grayin’
      And I won’t be fakin it anytime soon
      Hit the moon


      And you were never sad and glad
      And the contrasts had
      And I couldn’t believe you when you said you were a diety
      Definitely dirty
      Definitely dirty
      Definitely dirty (repeat)

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