I made it into VICE! (For the 2nd time. The first time I was in the “don’ts”)

stephen in vice
The guy who did the Last Viral Video of 2014
From the column 'Pink Motel Diaries'

Considering that youtube is essentially a part of everyday life, almost everyone  from parents to nieces and nephews have the freedom of access. This has two       logical consequences.

Firstly, you can see anything you want, from people dying or being born to people pissing (for fun or not) on each other. From DIY emissions of any kind to movies, video clips and so on.
Some of the video uploaders get lucky and manage to go Viral. Hoping, for       whatever reason, that their video reaches millions of computer monitors around  the world. We have seen babies with English accents biting each other, a 11 year old stoned after going to the dentist, people with many different talents so   terribly, tragically fail along with dance moves plucked from your most         embarrassing   dream.

But do not forget and bands that became known through youtube like, likeable, OKGo with their clip.

All the above (except maybe OK Go) tasted the 15 minutes of fame they deserve,  maybe they took some quick money just before they were lost forever in our      collective memory. Is typical that modern life harmonizes perfectly with the    speed of the internet. All rise rapidly and fall just as quickly and perhaps somewhat abrupt manner. If you do not take it too seriously, it's fun and not bad.

We decided to say goodbye to 2014 with the last (maybe) viral video of the year that has just left us.

The explanation for the following video there is a street performer named       Stephen Paul Taylor interpreting his song entitled "Everybody Knows Shit's      Fucked" in the streets of Berlin. The following sixteen seconds clip caused a   sensation because of the addictive (and strange) refrain of the song combined   with the Canadian busker's dance!

In recent weeks this clip has been gathering several thousand views and enters  slowly through "Top Viral Videos Of The Year" lists. Apart from this, the classic video begins to emerge - answers accompany each viral video that respects     himself. So far we have seen the following :
The funny thing is that I met Stephen some years ago and in Athens! He was a    member of a band named Trike who had visited our country for a live performance . We were only two people in the audience! He was not intimidated and so with   his girlfriend who formed the band, they played a delightful large private show!

It was a very nice stage.
The next day the spent strolling in Athens where almost ate wood by some riot police because Stephen looked into one of the parked vans . You see, he found it  very strange that we had heavily armed policemen spread everywhere in the city  center. "Who knows this man?" After we told them that he is a tourist and       doesn't not know how things work, his life was spared.
Discussing with him, he explained that he had left Canada and was touring in    Europe without a solid "base" nor enough money for rent. Eventually, after some time, the road brought him to Berlin, where he was permanently installed,       playing music in the streets and clubs. In the song that gave him some publicity the reasons why he left Canada behind are analyzed through the lyrics of the   song. Check out the lyric-video of "Everybody Knows Shit's Fucked" to see for   yourself.
It is unlikely that we will have a more likeable songwriter as him. Never mind, just click Stephen's link watch the video again!

See more about Stephen here, here and here .

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