Music Video Shoot Day #3: I was in a shopping cart

And that’s pretty much it.
Me, in a shopping cart. In a few different streets. Wide angle. Close up.
There’s nothing much more to add. We met around one, did a few shots, took a group selfie to immortalize the situation and then the shoot was done. DONE.

11157543_857784570935726_5555023227625945996_o (1)

So Minna left and the gang and I went to the top of the Arcaden (Klunker Kranich) where Wla Di proceeded to interview me about being SPT.


Here are pics from the “jogging scene”

graveyard eyes day 3 11141493_10202742372080823_861548042_o (1)


A few days later, Kiryl sent me the first cut of the video. I have to say, I was astonished. It was so moving. For a fun, poppy song (with a dark topic), they managed to really bring out the deeper, underlying emotions. I’m so thrilled to show it to the world soon.


May 22 is when the music video for “Everybody Knows Shit’s Fucked” will be released. I think you’ll like it. It’s a rather intense viewing experience.

I have a VERY GOOD piece of good news that I will share in tomorrow’s video (Taylor Tuesday). Working on it as we speak.

Til tomorrow


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