May is Hella Busy! Doing Shows, Acting in plays, Releasing Music Videos, Signing Recording and Publishing Contracts and Working on a Promotional Campaign with Publicists! Phew!

Lots o’ stuff going on. Shows up the wazoo. Planning the promotion and release of “Single And Seventeen” (the date has been pushed to August 1st). Finding a venue and booking a date for the release party. Sorting out details for my Scandinavian Tour in August. Filling in gaps. Working on fresh new costumes for the live show. Shooting the music video for “Single and Seventeen” (song). Releasing the music video for “Shit’s Fucked” on May 22nd. Acting in a play that’s in the Deutsches Theater. Musical-hosting the Berlin Music Video Awards. The list goes on. And there is still so so much more. And then of course there is the strong impulse to want to write more songs and pump more out…

It’s good to feel that, though. The feeling of never doing enough. That way, you always push yourself. Before Shit’s Fucked went semi-viral, I often had the feeling that I had too much time on my hands. Didn’t know how to fill it. Now it’s chock-full and I love it. It’s the life I want to live.

A blond German fellow named Sam Geile made a painting of me. I quite like it. He sent it to me in a PM on my Facebook fan page.

sam fan art

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