Why “Graveyard Eyes” Is Significant…

This song is based on a true story. A relationship ended. We spoke of continuing the music as friends but I knew, in the bottom of my heart, that this was the end.

But as the tired-but-true cliche goes, the phoenix rises from the flame, and I just kept on trucking. Reinventing myself and my music. Growing… changing… learning

3 years later and my EP just came out. I had a viral hit. I have big things planned in the works, including more music videos. The last year has been a blessing for me and now, when I look back, the “death/rebirth” aspect of the song really sticks.

When we ended, my heart and my future were in ashes. But I’m still here. Both of us have managed to kick start solo careers and now, in time, the graveyard analogy didn’t only fit to the relationship, but to the direction of my life. I had to go through the birthing canal again. That’s not fun.

A friend pointed out that the song (which has been recorded a few times already)  is much “poppier” than previous versions. There is a reason to that, I think, on a more subconscious level. I think I was really trapped in the dark period in the past, but now that I’ve grown and time has passed, my life has more light. More pop. More shiny, glittery pop.

Graveyard Eyes Music Video

maddy graveyard

spt in clash magazine

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