“Single And Seventeen” Has Two Album Reviews Out Now!

Clash Magazine premiered and did a mini-review of Single and Seventeen and my Graveyard Eyes music video. Robin Murray referred to my EP as “wildly imaginative synth pop” and said “‘Graveyard Eyes’ is a dramatic, sweeping piece of electronic pop music backed by some striking visuals”.

Boston Survival Guide did a review of my album. Quotes that I liked:

“SPT’s style is camp but catchy with unexpectedly sophisticated lyrics that saves this from being a mere synth-pop novelty act. Visually as well as aurally, Taylor is compelling, drawing audiences to him and putting them firmly in his camp. He may well be a “love him or hate him” kind of artist, but aren’t those the ones who stir things up and get people thinking?”
I’ll let you guys know when I discover other reviews. Big thanks to Tailored Communication for their promotion and help.


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