Leaves Fill The Streets Like A Yellow Carpet

Leaves are everywhere. They fill the streets like a yellow carpet. The air has gotten a little nippy. Fall is here.

Ah Fall.. a time for reflection. If there is any season that lends itself to nostalgia, it’s Fall. Nostalgia. Quietly simmering memories filling the forgotten recesses of your brain. Nuanced reflection. Muted colours. Faded daydreams. The wistful intensity of Summer slowly tapers off into a slow burn…

I did a mini-Scandinavian Tour this summer. Two weeks later, my bandmate, Jamie and I (from my side project, The Rad Dads) played in Norway. Vikings galore. I had some very enjoyable times up North.

Since the Fall began, I’ve been writing songs like a madman. What better season to spill out the heart’s secrets? Originally, I was going to start a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for vinyl for ‘Single And Seventeen’. However, I met with my label and they said the best thing to do now is to make a new album. No resting on my laurels. Not for this boy.

So it’s set. I’m starting recording as soon as I get my recording setup in place (within the next week). It’ll be good to lose myself in music (Music is both my Saviour and my Lover). It’s been awhile. Soon. I also do a slew of new concerts. One in Halle and the rest in Berlin. I will post them all on the ‘shows’ page. I’d be delighted to see your beautiful faces at one of these shows.

If you haven’t had a chance, feel free to pop by bandcamp or iTunes and pick up a copy of my album, Single And Seventeen.

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