Last Winter I Went Viral. This Winter I Hibernate

Last winter was nuts. I never expected everything to happen the way it did. It was amazeballs. I gained heaps of new fans. I got record company interest, I signed to a label and publishing company. I made a new EP. I found a manager…

This winter, I’m hiding a bit more in my man cave. When I’m out with people, I often find myself pensive and withdrawn. I’m a big BIG fan of small groups and one-on-one conversations. I’m not a big party type. Occasionally, yes, but not that often. I love talking and really digging deep and getting to know somebody, but not in a crazy, packed bar with standing room only.

I had a few ups and downs this year. It’s been a year of self-evolution and self-growth. I’ve written TONS of new music and I’m planning my new album… slowly but surely. I’m also writing a synthpoperetta (term I coined, yo!).

I spend my time making 80’s playlists and drawing. Yes, drawing. I absolutely love to draw and I’ve done it since I was a kid. Recently, I began doing it more wholeheartedly. Here are a few pieces. I post them all on my Instagram as well: @synthpoptroubadour

IMG_1259spt art 1spt art two

On December 15, I am releasing my new music video for my song, “Single And Seventeen”. Join the Facebook Event. Tell your friends.


And I have a concert on December 11th at Ma Thilda (Wildenbruchstrasse 68). I will play a slew of new songs with a violinist. Peter D’Elia will open. It’ll be a fun evening full of jolly good Wintery fun!

I’m still making the event, so put it in your daytimer.


Peace out, muthafuckas!
Stevie T

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