SPT Fan Art!

Well, this is a first! In the photo below, the image on the right is SPT fan art from Instagram user, n0thingi5trivial (Emily). She made up her face to look like Elen Flügge’s face in the video, “Body Slam”. Body Slam is the first song/ video I posted after Shit’s Fucked went viral. In the (homemade) music video, I applied the makeup to Ellen’s face, shot by shot until the end of the video. The left side of the photo below is a screenshot from the video.

I love the fact that she did this. She even wrote “test” on her palm, like in the video.

I heart my fans. You guys rock


ps: This is her original picture on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BAV4wrBg0TW/?taken-by=n0thingi5trivial


ellen and copy.jpg

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