Bye Bowie… and Thank You

Today has been all about Bowie.

I awoke to the news (via Facebook) that he’d passed on. I then learned that he’d been aware of his cancer for 18 months prior to his death. I was, as with most of you, surprised. No, he wasn’t young. He wasn’t ancient, but he wasn’t young.

Then I learned that his last album was created with the intention of being his final album: a goodbye album for his fans. Crafted with the intention of being his final gift to the world. That lent the album so much poignancy. I watched “Lazarus”. Bowie wrapped in bandages, lying in a bed. Ending the video in a closet (coffin?). Lyrics like “look up here. I’m in heaven”. It’s his epithet.

So I decided to give a gift to my fans. I spent the day constructing a medley of Bowie songs on piano (instrumental) which I will record and post tomorrow as soon as I awake. I spent the whole day rehearsing. Repetition is the mother of skill. If there is one thing I’m inspired to do right now, it is to hone my skill. I have had trouble (due to Winter Blues?) being motivated, but in the last while I’ve been getting my mojo back. Two things have contributed to that. Watching “Whiplash” (hugely inspired me) and learning of Bowie’s death.

He was an artist who knew how to truly follow his muse. He didn’t care what others thought. He pushed himself to the limits. He played with gender. He was known as a “pop chameleon”. Forever changing. Forever metamorphosizing. A consummate artist.

Putting together the Bowie medley gave me a deeper, richer understanding of his music. It made me aware of how many hits he truly had and how his creativity knew no bounds.

I will film myself playing the medley on piano and post it on my YouTube channel tomorrow.


RIP David


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