Wanna Remix SPT?



Here are the stems from my album, “People Tonight”.


Feel free to remix to your heart’s delight. Then send me the songs/ post the songs online. I plan on having a Team SPT channel where I post remixes. I’ll be working on that very very soon.


And if you enjoy the songs, please stop by my Bandcamp or iTunes and purchase my music. People Tonight is available only on Bandcamp. Both of my albums are available on iTunes. Blam!


Also… Shit’s Fucked just hit 1 MILLION views! I finally have a song/ video with a million views. `That’s enormous for me! There are so many songs I love on YT that have much less so that is a huge, huge milestone. I’m so grateful to all of you for loving the song, sharing it and repeatedly listening to it. Best thing that ever happened to me. Thank you!

shits fucked one million.png


And if you haven’t seen it… my newest music video, Single and Seventeen:

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