SPT’s Finland Tour 2016: Tampere

This is the first picture of me in Tampere.

spt tampere.jpg


This is Vastavirta. It’s the pub we’re playing in. IMPPU and I. I know one other person in this city: a charming 80’s-rock-style musician I met mere days before coming. That’s it! Hopefully more people will come. Friends of friends or friends of friends of friends. Okay, gotta soundcheck now. I’ll write more momentarily.

Okay. Just ate a chilli dog with Imppu and Mirva (his wifeywife – she is also a performer/ singer. Her band is called Varjottaret).

Imppu has an amazing setup. He plays (also) Eighties’ style Synthy GoodnessPop. Check out his red light:

imppu .jpg


It’s 3am now in Lahti, Finland. I’m going to crash. I’ll try to blog every day whilst I tour this fine country. Needless to say, the first show went off SMASHINGLY well. It was pretty full. I sold heaps of CDs, met lots of likeable peeps and now we’re back.

So thank you Tampere, for a stellar first show. I’ll be back, for sure…




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