3 Shows In 3 Days… I’m taking a break

Damn. I played in Prague on Thursday, Berlin on Friday and Saturday. The Prague show was a bit weird but there was delicious free food and an amazing beatboxer. The Berlin shows were brilliant. I freakin love my growing Berlin fan base.

Today is Sunday. I was going to busk but my comedian-friend popped by and we had coffee and planned a show together. Now I’m about to make music, rehearse some new tunes and write invoices (not necessarily in that order). I might meet my delightfully-obnoxious Canadian friend later on


I have a shitload of new music. And when I say “shitload” I mean a “SHITLOAD” of new tunes. I have two albums in the works and a Synthpoperetta. I’m thinking about a strategy so that I can release and promote the albums. I am also thinking about a strategy to put the Synthpoperetta on stage. That, and money. Money helps.


I lied.

I did 4 shows in 4 days.

I just came back from an open mic at Kindl Stuble (something like that). Played five songs. I had a blast. Sweat like a motherfucker. People danced. Sold CDs. It was fun.

I have two shows in December. December 17th and 21st. I’ll give more info mighty soon.

Love you guys



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