We’re Living In Bubbles

I think a lot about what it means to be an individual
I think about what it means to be a seperate entity
Even if we are in groups, we are still all seperate
We’re all seperate consciousnesses, floating around
Each in our own little bubble
Our own little self-contained bubbles
We delude ourselves into thinking that, once we’ve paired off, we’re no longer one
But two
A beautiful concept
But we still remain seperate
We have our own space, our own thoughts, our own voice, our own movements, our own dreams
“We” are a bunch of “I”s
Stuck together, for better or for worse
Yet at the same time, we feel the unity when people come together
Good conversation
Group hugs
A spiritual or psychedelic experience with others
We connect despite our disconnectedness
We give of ourselves and take from others
We share a space
We share a time
We share a universe
Or perhaps several

bubble man.jpg

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