My Russian Fans Are Super Talented Artists!

So I discovered this website called I know, it’s probably been around for 3 billion years… nonetheless… I started an account and made a few friends there.

As you may or may not (if you’ve been living under a rock) know, my Shit’s Fucked video went super viral in Russia. In fact, the majority of my YouTube views come from Russia. Crazy, eh?

Anyway, I started a group chat on my vk site and asked my new Russian friends to make some SPT art. Guess what? They did!

And the talent!!!

Take a look. I’m blown away by how artistic these mofos are:

spt fan art 1spt fan art 2spt fan art 3spt fan art 4spt distorted.jpg

2 thoughts on “My Russian Fans Are Super Talented Artists!

  1. Nice!! I’ve been on VK for a couple of years, myself & as you can see, it’s very different from FB. That’s where I can talk to people about my favorite band & they actually know about whom I am speaking!
    The Russian people really are great arts supporters, so I’m glad to see you’ve been recognized by them!

    1. Oh yeah, it’s unbelievable! They’re very supportive of the arts, it seems. It is def. very different. More communicative, I find. On FB “group chats” seem a bit frowned upon whereas on VK they’re all the rage. It’s great because I can communicate with fans, share ideas, they share things with me etc. It’s fun!

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