Second Week In The Studio: Tweaking the Tunes! PLUS MOAR Russian Fan Art!

This is the week we go through the tunes and fix shit.
Add a bit of distortion here, a delay there, sprinkle a bit of sitar onto another track etc.

Also decided to push the release of the album til September. Why? Because I want a BIG SPLASH when I drop this album. I don’t want a few hundred or even a few thousand people to hear it. Too much love went into it. I want to spent the time and money from now til then ensuring I can get as much exposure as I can for the album. That takes time.

Welcome to the music business.

I’ll write more when I have time. For now… have a gander:

spt guitar studiospt piano t raumschmiere

(Photo by Nastasia Beausejour)


(Photo by Nastasia Beausejour)

AND More Russians sent me more Fabulous ART!!! This is by Leonid Kofenie
spt fan art

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