SPT Fan Art From Mexico! (and other news)

Almost every day this week I’ve been inundated with incredible art from you guys and gals!

I was in the middle of arduously working on my EPK (Electronic Press Kit). It’s a tedious process and easily headache-inducing but I was delightfully surprised when I checked out my Stephen Paul Taylor Group on Facebook and found this:

SPT fan art 5.jpg

This was done by an artist who goes by PD Behrends. She not only got the headband and the boots right, but the glittery silver shirt is spot-on!

Not only am I lucky enough to have fans on all four corners of the globe, but my fans seem to be brimming over with talent! If you look over the last few posts, you’ll notice that a number of fans have been sending me wonderful art.

Go check out Yegua’s Tumblr and Facebook. She has plenty of other work and a very distinct style.

* * *

And a wee update:

I am no longer in the studio (sad face). But, having said that, the album is done and I’m very happy. It still needs to be mixed and mastered, but by January 5th, It’ll be mixed and soon after that, it will be mastered.

Today I went into Budde Publishing to talk about my future. They shared a lot of great information with me. I also gave them my album so they could have a listen. Wonderful people. I always feel 500% more inspired after talking to them.

Music videos will soon follow! Paul Seelman (who directed Single and Seventeen) is at the helm for “Oil and Money” and another single will be directed by a mysterious Finnish chap whom I will tell you more about soon! I’m also looking into an animated music video made my some Berlin animators that I think you guys will love. I won’t say too much more just yet… but 2018 is already looking to be an amazing year for me and for all of my charming and delightful fans!

* * *

Don’t forget, if you are in Berlin, check out my concert on the 6th of December. I play with Koy (who’s amazing!).

And, i’m heading back to Russia in January. If you’re Russian, get ready, mofos! More info on that soon!

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