My Fans Send Me Cool Sh*t

Look at this, yo.
I’m in the middle of my Eastern European Tour and lovely Russian fans sent me pictures of themselves in SPT makeup:

spt makeup russian fans

I love opening my inbox on vk or facebook or whatever stupidass social media app and finding stuff like this. I love you guys.

My shows so far have been unbelievably good. I played in Estonia (superfun), Riga 2x (über-fun) and a small town called Valmiera (helluvalottafun). I met all sorts of crazyfun peeps. I’ve seen the KGB building in Riga where the Russians used to torture and kill people, I went into a huge, impressive church (Riga), I watched Father Ted with my lovely friends (Riga), I trekked all through Tallin, Estonia with a super-friendly bloke… and so much more.

AND yesterday, a charming Art Student in Riga filmed a music video for my song “Emotional Self Control” and I think it will be simply AMAZING! Her name is Helena Ozola. Check out her Vimeo

I’ll write another post where I share many more of my experiences in full detail.

Love you all


January 16 – Vilnius, Lithuania. Yucatan Bar

January 17 – Warsaw, Poland. Pogłos club

January 18 – Berlin, Germany. Loophole

January 19 – Poznan, Poland. PIES

Then I go back to Berlin and start booking a shitload more shows… because I’m inspired



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