a new diamond consciousness



is it really that bad to desire more abundance?
abundance is everywhere.
the moment you set out your intention and send it into the Universe, it’s out
out of your hands
out of your control
and this is when the magic begins
this is when your intentions can breathe and evolve
transform into reality
provided you take the necessary steps
and don’t focus too much on the big picture
but on doing the small things necessary
the small steps
because all of the small steps stacked together
can take you pretty far
if you
put your attention on your intentions

i would also suggest something like this

if you haven’t gotten into binaural beats, GET INTO THEM!
they literally changed my life

communication issues?
need a solution?
binaural beats
stressed out?
binaural beats
can’t sleep?
brain on a loop?
binaural beats

there is literally a binaural beats for anything you could imagine

sometimes i play ‘binaural beats for concentration’ in my headphones and i go through all the tasks i’ve been avoiding… and i actually get it done!

hell, i even wrote a song about binaural beats with my side project, “friendly city”

but the point is
all of the answers are out there
from plato to aristotle to camille paglia
from ice cream to afternoon walks
to getting crazy on the ice rink and falling on your ass
the answers are embedded in the experience
but not always easy to see
you gotta take a microscope
and examine the fine details
like kierkegaard with his obsessions
and you with your transgressions
you’re painfully obsessive
and your room is really massive
and i see myself in it
in you
in a moment
like a new diamond consciousness




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