Self-Made SPT Poster. Check it out

So I sincerely thought I would stop busking this year. I was like, hell no. I’m moving on up “to the next stage” of my career. However, as the sun came out, people started smiling more and I had time to kill. Ergo, I set up in the street and played my heart out.

And of course, it makes sense to promote shows in proper venues whilst busking. It’s a great way to get the word out.

So we actually have a poster for this (now in the past) show. This is the one we printed and made flyers of:

spt synth pop troubadour freshly printed flyers on recycled paper

However, I was in the midst of cleaning my chambers and fell upon this self-made poster:

spt poster monster ronsons2

I think I’d like to sell it. Perhaps I will. Perhaps I’ll set up a shop on Etsy. Here it is

Check this out. Check out this mask from one of my amazing Russian fans:

fan wearing mask

I wore it onstage:AND!!! Lucky for you guys, I have been too lazy to take down my album “Beat the World Up”. I’ll take it down soon, though!!! So get it while it lasts! You’ll be damn lucky if it’s online next week this time! Damn… lucky… Go buy it now ❤

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