Over 8 more Pieces of Fan Art From Russia! You guys rock!

When I was in Russia last time, I got a number of lovely gifts. Paintings, drawings…
Therefore, I wanted to make a blog in which I share some of them with you.

This is from Anastasia Osipova. She also included a letter that was so honest and powerful. I was not only touched that she wrote it, but I saw a lot of myself in her letter. It made me realize that I’m lucky to have a job that  enables me to communicate with and connect with others, even if I haven’t met them.

I write songs. I post music online. People discover it from all parts of the world and, next thing I know, I get wonderful letters (and paintings) which make me realize that my music is really just me communicating with the Universe

A song is like a rhetorical question. I think all my songs are questions. I never claim to have any answers and I think the truth lies in the question itself.

Why do we love? Why do we fall out of love? Why do politicians become greedy? How can we live in a way where we are more connected to our souls/ our spirits?

anastasia art sptanastasias painting and me

I think she’ll go far, so long as she just focuses on making art/ following her muse.

That’s one thing I’ve been trying to learn recently. I’ve been really inspired by the life/ work of Jimi Hendrix. He played guitar constantly from his teens til his early death. That constant playing result in him becoming an incredibly inventive guitar player who took the world by storm. I’m trying to learn from that. I think every artist should constantly be learning. If you’re not learning, you’re in stasis. Inert. Life is motion.


Alexandra Savina, who is also superskilled, made this. I’ve seen some of her other work, and she has some serious skills:

spt fan art 2 alexandra savina

She also did this in my SPT FAN BOOK when she was working the merch table at Ionoteka:sps fan art sasha

Check THIS out!!! This is by 17 year old Russian ElectroJunkPop artist VMRK.
This is a remix of my song “This Sucks”.
I’m a big fan

And of course, Yulya Elina, with her artsy photo of Pyotr virtually attending the concert:

spt fan art 4

And let’s not forget this wonderful painted sign, full of inspiring vibes from Anastasia Kolvayova

spt fan art 1


Meet Nadezhda Alexeevna. This one is pretty sweet. Enjoy:

spt fan art nadya2

This is from #papayaider…? The hashtag doesn’t actually refer to anything, far as I can tell. I must be misspelling it.

In any case, life is definitely life

spt fan art


Sintrimyr CosPlay Studios!!!
This is truly amazing. It is a mask with blinking red and blue lights in the front. One of the most epic things I had the chance to wear onstage. This is the drawing:

spt fan art sintrymir

And this is the real thing:

spt mask2

Nadya wearing the mask:

fan wearing maskA

And there we go!
I have to run off to play in Prague tomorrow
So I wish you all an amazing weekend

I have more fan art, so I will collect it together and do a part two!



2 thoughts on “Over 8 more Pieces of Fan Art From Russia! You guys rock!

  1. How cool is that?!! It’s a great coincidence that right when I’m really big on Korol I Shut (Корол и Шут) you plan your initial St P trip. Now here is a sketch of the Great Jimi Hendrix whose song “Angel” has been stuck in my head for the past 5 days or so. They say great minds think alike…
    Congrats on your killer success!!🤪

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