Graveyard Eyes… in Moscow

3 thoughts on “Graveyard Eyes… in Moscow

  1. Well shot! The quality of the cinematography is a wonderful improvement from other concert clips I have seen. The light show is modest but well executed. I would love to see the Lazers shine on the audience more so we can see how many awesome fans are having a kick ass time. Wished I wa# there! Xoxo jen.

  2. I love to see you performing and how much the people are enjoying your music. You are such a special performer and bring much joy to many people. Thank you for always being authentic and true.

  3. Cool. I’ve liked that song since I first started listening to your stuff. I thought the video was great, too. Very unique.
    I’m so happy for you, man! It’s great to see someone becoming successful after so much hard work & you deserve it, my friend! Rock on!!

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