I wrote a song using hate comments

Here it is!!!

Hope you enjoy it. It’s quite cathartic to make this sort of video, I have to say

So, take a look at this.

This is a playlist which contains BOTH the hate comment song and another song I did in this style, as well as several other songs you’ll probably like from my repertoire. I think you’ll like it. Take a look:

Leave your comments down below: either on the video or on my website. I get them all.
Thanks for your love and support



PS: I have a PATREON!!! I’ve done virtually nothing to promote it, but here it is! I would love if you join up… even a dollar a month to support what I do. Take a look!

PS: JOIN the Facebook event for my ALBUM RELEASE at Loophole September 21!!!


PS: JOIN the Facebook event for ONLINE ALBUM RELEASE!!!


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