The single is coming out on SEPTEMBER 29th. It was produced by T Raumschmiere (Marco Haas) and co-mixed by Pop-mixer Extraordinaire, Tilman Hopt in Chez Cherie Studios (Berlin).

This wouldn’t be possible without the help of Daniel Mateo and the entire Shitkatapult gang, as well as Budde Publishing, for having so much faith in me.

And last but not least, you, the fans. You guys are extraordinary. The amount of love I get on a daily basis, your amazing art, your inspiring words… thank you all.

I’ve been enjoying this journey and I look forward to sharing this album with you

Here is the teaser and after you watch it, go JOIN THE ONLINE EVENT on Facebook! You’ll wanna be there when it drops!

I am in the pre-Production stage for the music video right now. I think you guys will really like it. Subscribe to my YouTube and click the notification bell so you’ll know when it drops:

And a few other things:

  1. I have a new YouTube series that fans seem to enjoy. It’s called “I Wrote A Song“. In one, I took your YouTube comments and wrote a song (called “Disco in the 80s“). In the second, I took hate comments from my channel and made a song (“Druqs Druqs Druqs“). In the third, I took comments and screen grabs I found on the subreddit r/niceguys. Thus, “Nice Guys” emerged. So, three songs that all came from comments and screen grabs. I have a lot more ideas for this series and I’m excited to continue it!The series is filmed and recorded/mixed by Jamie Collier and his JCMRS music production company. If you need your music recorded, contact him because he’s awesomeWatch all three:


  2. Do you remember my single from a few years back, “Graveyard Eyes”? Well, I did an acoustic version of it with melodica. If you’re a folky type, take a look:
    You can purchase all of my music on iTunes and Bandcamp. See you there!Love you all


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