New Single: GDMF

It has been 4.5 years since I went viral. In that time, I’ve released one EP and several singles

Over the last year and a bit, I’ve released the singles Billions of Years, Chill the F*ck Out, Dr. Deutschland and Shortcut. Together they’ve amassed over 55,000 views. The good news is that these songs will ALL be on my upcoming album “Synthpop Is Dead

Today I released the newest single, “GDMF”. It’s a song about how none of us … I repeat, none of us, should ever put up with goddamn motherfuckers who try to fuck with our shit. Some say it’s a spiritual sequel to EKSF

The song was expertly produced by T.Raumschmiere aka Marco Haas and co-mixed by Tilman Hopf at Chez Cherie Studios in good ol’ Berlin. The clothing in the image was provided by Moussi Bang, clothing designer behind “Now I Make Clothes”

In any case, here is the lyric video. Enjoy:

As usual, if you have a YouTube account, it helps if you stop by and leave a like and comment. It helps with the algorithm. Unfortunately, material like this isn’t favoured by YouTube. They immediately demonetized the video, which affects the algorithm and means it won’t be seen by as many people as might possibly see it otherwise… so it’s up to you, the fans, to help push it. You can also help by spreading the word on social media: Facebook, VK etc.

A lot of social media giants and really promoting this square, family-friendly approach to media-creation. It’s a pity, because there is a lot of joy to be found in swearing and speaking your mind. I don’t even know how to be “family friendly” nor do I want to be

And, as much as I disagree with the way Patreon censors some of its content, as there is no alternative to Patreon just yet, it is still one other way for artists like me to generate income. So, if you appreciate and derive joy from my music videos, lyric videos and my creative output in general, please think about becoming a Patreon. I don’t normally push my Patreon, but it’s an excellent way for me to keep going as a musician and artist. My Patreon link can be found here:

patreon logo thingy

This new single is available on Bandcamp. It will be available on other platforms quite soon! (Spotify, iTunes etc)

The music video is being made by a team of wonderful animators as we speak and will be online in two months. WAIT FOR IT!!!

I love you guys and appreciate the love and support. Together we can conquer the world!

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