Stephen Paul Taylor is a Post-Synthpop-Retrowave musician living in Berlin, Germany. He is the glittery, glammed-up lovechild of Depeche Mode and the B52s. His live shows are high-energy and feature costume changes set to a “costume change song”. The songs are hooky pop songs with sing-along choruses and choreographed dance moves.

SPT moved from Planet Party to Berlin and went viral in 2015 with his world-anthem, “Everybody Knows S**t’s F****d”. He has played in several well-known Berlin clubs as and has toured over 14 European countries in the last three years. He appeared on Das Supertalent in 2015, his music was used in the very first Spotify Ad Campaign in Germany, he was featured on Arte, Die Welt, RBB, RTL2, Joiz.de TV, Netz-O-Rama (Germany’s “Comedy Central”) and the clip of SPT that went viral is currently a popular GIF on Facebook. He is represented by Budde Music and Random Noize. He has also accured over 4 million views on his YouTube videos.


“(SPT is) wildly imaginative synth pop. ‘Graveyard Eyes’ is a dramatic, sweeping piece of electronic pop music backed by some striking visuals” – Robin Murray, Clash Music Magazine

“Single And Seventeen is an 80’s inspired synth-pop extravaganza with triple servings of glitter and DIY punk swagger, that leaves you wired, happy, angry and exhausted.” – Local Suicide

“Stephen Paul Taylor, otherwise known as the “Everybody knows Sh*t’s F*cked Guy“, blew us away with his unforgettable live performance. I remember myself thinking “NO F***ing WAY!!” and wanting to sing and dance along his self-liberating, hyper catchy track. Definitely the best live act to take us all even further on the kaleidoscopic dimension of the festival!”- Anna Martini, artconnect.com (article on my appearance at the Berlin Music Video Awards)

“SPT – as the acronym might suggest – is the ultimate Synth Pop Troubadour: addictive tunes, humourous storytelling, flamboyant disguises and vaudeville fun, all in one act.” – Anton Petersmann (“Musica di un Certo Livello”)

“Wearing tight trousers, chunky boots, a spangly top and a headscarf, Stephen Paul Taylor,a Canadian Wahlberliner, sings ‘Everybody Knows Shit’s Fucked’ and then he starts to dance, flicking his legs in what will surely become the Office Party dance move of 2014.” – http://www.andberlin.com

This clip of a man jamming on a keyboard and singing what sounds like “everybody knows shit, FUCK” has been making the rounds today: It’s been dubbed “The Everybody Knows Shit Fuck Dance,” and declared “one of the internet’s greatest achievements” from a “street musician who only knows four words.” Only some of that is true.” – Jay Hathaway, http://www.Gawker.com

“Let ‘Everybody Knows Shit Fuck’ become the year’s hottest dance craze” – Cooper Fleishman, http://www.Dailydot.com

“Love it or hate it, today the entire Internet seems to be singing the praises of Stephen Paul Taylor ‘s smash hit “’Everybody Knows Shit Fuck.'” – Tara McGinley, http://www.Dangerousminds.com

“It’s very rare that you find a treasure on the internet that is so beautiful, so amazing, that you feel almost like Neil Armstrong first setting foot on the moon when discovering it.” – Anna Puhler, http://www.br.de (bayerischer rundfunk)

“Berlin synth-popper starts dance revolution. “Everybody Knows Shit Fuck” is the only dance move you will ever need” – Christopher Hooton, http://www.independant.co.uk

“Best street musician only knows four words…Less a cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Everybody Knows” than an original, fully-formed rock opera, this Berlin street musician’s “Everybody Knows Shit Fuck” is an automatic 10.0 on Pitchfork’s (or anyone’s) scale.” – Jonathan Harris, http://www.whatstrending.com

“This guy is amazing! It was a total surprise for all of us. We didn`t expect Stephen to be a dancer, actor, comedian and a singer at the same time.” – WeSound

“You’re going to love the catchy ‘Everybody Knows Shit’s Fucked” song” – Sarah Alender, http://www.WallStreetInsanity.com

“Stephen turned ​​our summer festival completely upside down. No one expected that during his performance, his energy would spill all over the guests!”

“He is the sexiest Robot we have ever seen!”

“The origins of breakdance, voice of an angel, grandiose compositions, sophisticated lyrics and costume changes that are unparalleled make Stephen Taylor the hottest shit between Kreuzberg and Newfoundland!”

“Fette Scheisse!!!” – WeSound

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