a new diamond consciousness

  is it really that bad to desire more abundance? no abundance is everywhere. the moment you set out your intention and send it into the Universe, it’s out out of your hands out of your control and this is when the magic begins this is when your intentions can breathe and evolve transform into […]

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The Wonderful World of ASMR

ASMR. People whispering and tapping and doing all sorts of crazy stuff on camera And now I’ve gone ahead and done an ASMR video too… don’t ask why. I did one before, actually. “Shit’s Fucked” ASMR. It was fun. In any case, this is a 16 minute video of me making subtle sounds to help […]

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Songwriting Tips By SPT!

I got a letter from a Musician-friend asking me questions about songwriting. I’ve never considered myself a specialist on anything, but I guess I’ve been writing songs long enough now that perhaps I can share a few things. So here is a post to help everybody who is struggling with the craft. It is a […]

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