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  1. Hey, Hey, Hey,
    Before I’m begin, sorry for my bad english (it’s normal, I’m french…).
    I’m a great fan since heard you at KATERHOLZIG last week (one of the man dressed in white). Your live was fucking enormous… After the show I’m bought one of your cd’s.
    So, just this words to say that it’s fucking good to heard a great musician with great music and seeing a crazy performer: that it’s psychedelic-pop-electronic music!
    If you have recording other album, let me know where it’s possible to have one.
    Long life to you.
    A french fan.

  2. dear stephen,

    you gave me your businesscard at kollwitzplatz today. your music is great. when is your next liveact in berlin? do you live here?
    i like to book you for a event.

    best regards


  3. hello, so i was just wondering if you guys ever find yourself wondering about maybey coming to sweden and play? im half german but dont really have that much of connection with the german part of my family, and i live here in stockholm, Sweden. If not keep up your gorgeous music and i will try find you in germany sometimes.

    /Erdbeerkuschen mit sahne.

  4. Hello! I play in a band.We’ve really enjoyed that song. We want to make a cover of your song “Everybody Knows Shits Fucked”. Can you write your synth solo keys, please?

  5. you where playing close to a caffe in berlin on the 1st of may. And your first song was so cool. whats the name of it? I started with something that sounded like a car was honking or something. I was great fun=) thanks for the show=)

  6. Steven. We are coming. Can’t wait to see you.we are flying in on the twenty first of May . Keep on trucking motherfucker. And answer your phone for christs sake! Love ya! Xo Jenny and Dean.

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