Here we go! This is my collaboration with Nastasia Beausejour. We wrote the song together and made the clip.

We actually wrote the song in five minutes. A week later, we decided it was time to make the song and video and release it as a single and music video.

You can buy the song on Bandcamp, either on it’s own or with the B-side, “Fight The Dragons”

Thank you to everyone who participated in this. You know who you are.


I’ve decided, upon reading an excellent book about “Music 4.0” that it’s about time I start releasing singles. It’s like the fifties again.

So… I have a new single. I’ll tell you more about it very soon. It’s going to SLAMBAMTHANKYOUMAAM on Valentine’s Day. Get ready Freddynator!

I’d write more but I’m tired.

ps: Thug Life



Rainy Nights

Last year I performed in Halle, Germany. I went through a period of time where I would always play this song first in my set. It’s a slower song. I thought it would be a good way to fuck people up. They’d assume I’m this romantic balladeer and then suddenly I’d be singing hyperactive songs covered in glitter and bouncing all over the stage.

It’s called “Rainy Nights”. I may or may not put it on an album someday. We’ll see…


3 Shows In 3 Days… I’m taking a break

Damn. I played in Prague on Thursday, Berlin on Friday and Saturday. The Prague show was a bit weird but there was delicious free food and an amazing beatboxer. The Berlin shows were brilliant. I freakin love my growing Berlin fan base.

Today is Sunday. I was going to busk but my comedian-friend popped by and we had coffee and planned a show together. Now I’m about to make music, rehearse some new tunes and write invoices (not necessarily in that order). I might meet my delightfully-obnoxious Canadian friend later on


I have a shitload of new music. And when I say “shitload” I mean a “SHITLOAD” of new tunes. I have two albums in the works and a Synthpoperetta. I’m thinking about a strategy so that I can release and promote the albums. I am also thinking about a strategy to put the Synthpoperetta on stage. That, and money. Money helps.


I lied.

I did 4 shows in 4 days.

I just came back from an open mic at Kindl Stuble (something like that). Played five songs. I had a blast. Sweat like a motherfucker. People danced. Sold CDs. It was fun.

I have two shows in December. December 17th and 21st. I’ll give more info mighty soon.

Love you guys