“I Need You” A Short Story

She sauntered out of the house and onto the grass. He stood at the window and stared at her. She tugged at the branch of the birch tree at the end of the lawn. The sky was clear. Her brows were furrowed. He couldn’t see this because she was facing the street.  She didn’t want […]

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Songwriting Tips By SPT!

I got a letter from a Musician-friend asking me questions about songwriting. I’ve never considered myself a specialist on anything, but I guess I’ve been writing songs long enough now that perhaps I can share a few things. So here is a post to help everybody who is struggling with the craft. It is a […]

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EKSF Rock Cover!!!

Yup! You guys are at it again with your remakes and revisionings! The hauntingly beautiful female vocals in the BG, the giggling, the rock geetar… According to the YouTube channel that uploaded the video, this is a re-imagining of EKSF by Ali Kemal Eran (and gang). There’s a lot of fuzzy, strange songs on this […]

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My Fans Send Me Cool Sh*t

Look at this, yo. I’m in the middle of my Eastern European Tour and lovely Russian fans sent me pictures of themselves in SPT makeup: I love opening my inbox on vk or facebook or whatever stupidass social media app and finding stuff like this. I love you guys. My shows so far have been […]

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