You guys know this song if you’ve seen me in concert. I’m playing it for the first time solo piano in this clip: So go to the freakin video and leaving a comment telling me what you think of the song. Is it too long winded? Is it fantastically underrated? Is my shirt too wrinkly? […]


July Shows! Yippee!!!

Alright bitch-ass-muthafuckas! I gots sum shows all up in yo’ grill, YO! Unlike previous months where I’ve played approximately 1300 shows a month, this month I am doing only TWO. That’s right… TWO wee little shows. The first one is on Thursday, July 11, 2013 at Helmut Kohl. All the info is on the following […]

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You Sweaty Thing!

So I was browsing the web and I found this old album cover for my previous solo effort, “You Sweaty Thing”. Curious what you guys think. Leave your comments below. Hello? Didn’t I say leave your comments below? What, are you deaf?

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