Watch Me Busk

The title says it all View this post on Instagram Watch me busk #stephenpaultaylor #live #busking #streetperformer #love #instadaily #synthpop A post shared by Stephen Paul Taylor (@synthpoptroubadour) on Jun 23, 2018 at 10:17am PDT    

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Oil And Money (Bedroom Version)

Last week, I posted a “Bedroom Version” of “Go Fuck Up Someone Else’s Life”:   In the description of the video, I stated that if I got 200 likes I would post another Bedroom Song. 206 likes later, I got together with Lesley Suzanne Dean, Max Wilhem and my new Manager, James Barr and we […]

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SPT’s Finland Tour 2016: Tampere

This is the first picture of me in Tampere.   This is Vastavirta. It’s the pub we’re playing in. IMPPU and I. I know one other person in this city: a charming 80’s-rock-style musician I met mere days before coming. That’s it! Hopefully more people will come. Friends of friends or friends of friends of […]

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