3 Days Left!

Victoria singing backup:   I’m sitting in the “big room” in Chez Cherie watching Victoria sing backup and Marco giving her directions in German. Chez Cherie is T Raumschmiere’s studio, where we’ve been working on the album for the last week and a half. You’re probably wondering how this project began. Well, it started off […]

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SPT Fan Art!

So I (obviously) went to Finland. While there, I met Ulla. She was in Lahti taking a goldsmith course. Lo and behond, today I received this amazing little “SPT” that she made! It’s made to be on a necklace. I ❤ my fans!

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Stopped By The Cops In Finland!!!

We played in Vaikkola. It’s a small city an hour from Helsinki. It was after my show in Tenho in Helsinki. Both shows went well. The audiences were enthusiastic, attentive and crazy in a way that only Finnish people can be. Anyway, I met the dudes from Beats and Styles. B and S is an electro-rock-pop […]

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