I did a version of the 80’s classic, “Lamette” by Rettore   PS: I’m going to Italy in ten days. Tell your friends. All the dates are on my SHOWS page


SPT Fan Art From Mexico! (and other news)

Almost every day this week I’ve been inundated with incredible art from you guys and gals! I was in the middle of arduously working on my EPK (Electronic Press Kit). It’s a tedious process and easily headache-inducing but I was delightfully surprised when I checked out my Stephen Paul Taylor Group on Facebook and found […]

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3 Days Left!

Victoria singing backup:   I’m sitting in the “big room” in Chez Cherie watching Victoria sing backup and Marco giving her directions in German. Chez Cherie is T Raumschmiere’s studio, where we’ve been working on the album for the last week and a half. You’re probably wondering how this project began. Well, it started off […]

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Bye Bowie… and Thank You

Today has been all about Bowie. I awoke to the news (via Facebook) that he’d passed on. I then learned that he’d been aware of his cancer for 18 months prior to his death. I was, as with most of you, surprised. No, he wasn’t young. He wasn’t ancient, but he wasn’t young. Then I […]

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July Shows! Yippee!!!

Alright bitch-ass-muthafuckas! I gots sum shows all up in yo’ grill, YO! Unlike previous months where I’ve played approximately 1300 shows a month, this month I am doing only TWO. That’s right… TWO wee little shows. The first one is on Thursday, July 11, 2013 at Helmut Kohl. All the info is on the following […]

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One Man One Machine

I finally have footage! And a new camera! Last night I played at KingKongKlub in Berlin. Dominic Packulat filmed the show. I decided to post a video from the show – the opening track, “One Man One Machine”. Robot wings designed by Matthew Peach. If you’re all well-behaved, I will post more videos from this […]

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