I did a version of the 80’s classic, “Lamette” by Rettore   PS: I’m going to Italy in ten days. Tell your friends. All the dates are on my SHOWS page


3 Days Left!

Victoria singing backup:   I’m sitting in the “big room” in Chez Cherie watching Victoria sing backup and Marco giving her directions in German. Chez Cherie is T Raumschmiere’s studio, where we’ve been working on the album for the last week and a half. You’re probably wondering how this project began. Well, it started off […]

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Bye Bowie… and Thank You

Today has been all about Bowie. I awoke to the news (via Facebook) that he’d passed on. I then learned that he’d been aware of his cancer for 18 months prior to his death. I was, as with most of you, surprised. No, he wasn’t young. He wasn’t ancient, but he wasn’t young. Then I […]

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July Shows! Yippee!!!

Alright bitch-ass-muthafuckas! I gots sum shows all up in yo’ grill, YO! Unlike previous months where I’ve played approximately 1300 shows a month, this month I am doing only TWO. That’s right… TWO wee little shows. The first one is on Thursday, July 11, 2013 at Helmut Kohl. All the info is on the following […]

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One Man One Machine

I finally have footage! And a new camera! Last night I played at KingKongKlub in Berlin. Dominic Packulat filmed the show. I decided to post a video from the show – the opening track, “One Man One Machine”. Robot wings designed by Matthew Peach. If you’re all well-behaved, I will post more videos from this […]

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