The single is coming out on SEPTEMBER 29th. It was produced by T Raumschmiere (Marco Haas) and co-mixed by Pop-mixer Extraordinaire, Tilman Hopt in Chez Cherie Studios (Berlin). This wouldn’t be possible without the help of Daniel Mateo and the entire Shitkatapult gang, as well as Budde Publishing, for having so much faith in me. […]


SPT – “Red Pill”

  53 Millenial/iGen expressions in one song. Here is 60 seconds of it Enjoy View this post on Instagram This song has 53 Millenial/iGen expressions. It's called "Red Pill" #snatched #sus #tiredboots #sis #hunty #af #p #hundo #suho #redpill #gassed #woke #salty #millenials #igen #finstagram #originalart #sptlive #stephenpaultaylor A post shared by Stephen Paul Taylor […]

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Songwriting Tips By SPT!

I got a letter from a Musician-friend asking me questions about songwriting. I’ve never considered myself a specialist on anything, but I guess I’ve been writing songs long enough now that perhaps I can share a few things. So here is a post to help everybody who is struggling with the craft. It is a […]

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EKSF Rock Cover!!!

Yup! You guys are at it again with your remakes and revisionings! The hauntingly beautiful female vocals in the BG, the giggling, the rock geetar… According to the YouTube channel that uploaded the video, this is a re-imagining of EKSF by Ali Kemal Eran (and gang). There’s a lot of fuzzy, strange songs on this […]

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No Use In Crying

What I love about collaborating with others is that it usually opens me up to new possibilities.  My good friend, Tatyana came over a few days ago.  She was in a scattered mood for various reasons but she said to me “Let’s start recording.  I gotta get out this energy”.  So, I put together a […]

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