Basically this ‘watch me busk’ (#watchmebusk) project is a chance to look at, remix and rethink busking performances that have been filmed of myself. Part of why I use the tools I use is because I’m limited. The synth is very easy to move around. It also sounds great on a good soundsystem. However, there […]


SPT ON TOUR! Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Berlin and Poland!

Yes. I’m going to all of those places. Details below: Meanwhile, here is a silly little song I wrote about going on tour to these places… along with some breathtaking visuals from these marvelous, underrated countries!     January 10 – Tallin, Estonia. TOPS FB: January 12 – Riga, Latvia. Kaņepes Kultūras centrs FB: […]

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Fan Art From Khasakstan!

This is a cartoon from Oleg Klimov. He does art every single day featuring the same character, Igor. He’s pretty great! Check him out on VK. His work is really good and echoes a sort of isolated loneliness and existential angst that I think a lot of people deal with these days

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Rainy Nights

Last year I performed in Halle, Germany. I went through a period of time where I would always play this song first in my set. It’s a slower song. I thought it would be a good way to fuck people up. They’d assume I’m this romantic balladeer and then suddenly I’d be singing hyperactive songs […]

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