Fingerprinted, Searched and Interrogated… Why, Hello London!

I’m in London. Sitting in my friend’s flat. Relaxed after a hot bath and Paul Auster’s “Moon Palace”. My day was rather adventurous. I arrived very fucking early at Stanstead. When I went through the Passport Check, the lovely woman asked what I was doing there. “Making music and seeing friends” I said. “Where is […]

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SPT Fan Art!

So I (obviously) went to Finland. While there, I met Ulla. She was in Lahti taking a goldsmith course. Lo and behond, today I received this amazing little “SPT” that she made! It’s made to be on a necklace. I ❤ my fans!

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Last Day In Finland

It’s my last day in Finland. Tomorrow at 6:30am I’ll be on a plane soaring over the forgotten clouds, heading to B-town. This trip has been truly amazing. Played 4 shows with great audiences, met, hung out with and opened for Beats and Styles and IMPPU, went on a day trip to Tampere where we watched ducks […]

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Everything I Love Dies

Seeing as I’m in Finland, I thought it’d be cool to post a video that is more in line with the Finnish mentality: dark, brooding and pensive. This is not my usual sound. This is more post-Folk/ Dreampop. It’s a song I wrote and recorded six years ago. I was still in Trike at the […]

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Stopped By The Cops In Finland!!!

We played in Vaikkola. It’s a small city an hour from Helsinki. It was after my show in Tenho in Helsinki. Both shows went well. The audiences were enthusiastic, attentive and crazy in a way that only Finnish people can be. Anyway, I met the dudes from Beats and Styles. B and S is an electro-rock-pop […]

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SPT’s Finland Tour 2016: Tampere

This is the first picture of me in Tampere.   This is Vastavirta. It’s the pub we’re playing in. IMPPU and I. I know one other person in this city: a charming 80’s-rock-style musician I met mere days before coming. That’s it! Hopefully more people will come. Friends of friends or friends of friends of […]

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