Call Me (Short Story)

He was reading the novel, “Blind Date”. He was in a shocking section of the book. His mouth almost fell open like a shelf falling from a chest of drawers. He turned his eyes to the right. His fellow passenger stared at the blue white shining phone in his lap. They avoided eye contact. Typical […]

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Death: The Greatest Teacher

A fellow I went to high school with just died.  We weren’t friends back then, but he was nice to me. I met him at my high school reunion two years ago. He took heaps of photos with his bigass camera. He smiled easily. He seemed genuine. Honest face. We caught up. I had a […]

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A Lazy Day

Yup. I sat around today. Didn’t work on music. Didn’t book any shows. Nothing.Did I enjoy it? Every last second. Am I in an ambitious period of my life? Yes and no. I don’t have focus. I would like to have focus. I would like to be busy. However, I think I am choosing to be […]

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July Shows! Yippee!!!

Alright bitch-ass-muthafuckas! I gots sum shows all up in yo’ grill, YO! Unlike previous months where I’ve played approximately 1300 shows a month, this month I am doing only TWO. That’s right… TWO wee little shows. The first one is on Thursday, July 11, 2013 at Helmut Kohl. All the info is on the following […]

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One Man One Machine

I finally have footage! And a new camera! Last night I played at KingKongKlub in Berlin. Dominic Packulat filmed the show. I decided to post a video from the show – the opening track, “One Man One Machine”. Robot wings designed by Matthew Peach. If you’re all well-behaved, I will post more videos from this […]

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No Use In Crying

What I love about collaborating with others is that it usually opens me up to new possibilities.  My good friend, Tatyana came over a few days ago.  She was in a scattered mood for various reasons but she said to me “Let’s start recording.  I gotta get out this energy”.  So, I put together a […]

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Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox. Saw the “48 hours Mystery” episode about it. I was intrigued. I was tantallized by the “witch hunt” flavour of the whole thing. It was pretty surreal. The prosecuter looked like an absolute nutcase and Amanda was in prison essentially because of somebody else’s superstitions and superstitious nature. Wait, isn’t this 2011? So […]

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